Calhau GrandeMadeira Rural Cottages

Gardens & Orchards

There is nothing better than feeling mother nature!

Here in Calhau Grande, we have a big passion: maintain our gardens and orchards colourful all year. They contribute to the balance of our ecosystem, to allow a good contact with the nature, to enjoy the pure air and appreciate all the best that our local agriculture can offer us.

Plants & Flowers Tropical Fruits Vegetables Aromatic Herbs


Calhau Grande’s garden has several native trees, plants and flowers, such as: banana trees, palm trees, yam, cardinal (lobelia cardinalis), cacti, jasmine (jasminum), daisies (bellis perennis), the “massaroco” flower (echium candicans), elephant foot (beaucarnea recurvata), angel trompet (Brugmansia), bougainvillea, succulent, between so many others. We have some exotic and rare fruit like: mango, cherimoya, “pera-meloa”, papaya, monstera fruit, grapes, surinam cherry, passion fruit, fig, guava, banana, persimmon fruit and orange.


The orchard is a privileged space in our little paradise. Between the trees and plants, some vegetables are cultivated in small amounts, such as borecole, turnip, onion, tomato, lettuce, carrot, pumpkin, spinach, garlic, chayote and different types of pepper. The aromatic herbs, sprinkled here and there, decorate and perfume the area and we will be happy to share with you these treasures to compose your meals and teas. You can freely harvest from our garden parsley, coriander, savory, fennel, tarragon, mint, cider-grass, lemon verbena, oregano, rosemary and bay.

Water Springs

A well with permanent running water with fishes and frogs helps to draw our beautiful atmosphere. Throughout the gardens, you can find some water springs which are active all year, even with bigger abundance in the winter season. Part of this water is accumulated to use on the irrigation of our plants, trees and orchards. A balanced natural cycle that you will be pleased to discover.