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Some of our frequently asked questions

Our family wish is to provide you a pleasant stay in Calhau Grande. To clarify our guests and visitors as much as possible, we have created the following table which includes the most frequently asked questions organized by themes. Meanwhile, if you still need our help or any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and you are also warmly invited to visit our cottages and get to know us.

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About Calhau Grande

What is Calhau Grande?

Calhau Grande is a group of 8 independent typical self-catering guesthouses. It is located in Arco da Calheta, on the western side of Madeira Island. The property was started as a holiday house for our family, but early we wanted to share our rural Madeiran life experience with the world. All the rustic cottages have been carefully and eco-friendly restored to keep the typical local architecture and to suit the natural environment.

Why should I choose Calhau Grande to spend my holidays in Madeira Island?

Located in the countryside, Calhau Grande is a simple and genuine haven for those looking for calm, rest and a real example of Madeira Island´s living. Our family tries to convey to the guests the simplicity and harmony of the local life and traditions, providing pleasant and relaxed holidays with what is more important: peace, pure air, sun, warm temperatures, astonishing ocean views and private gardens. Every space of this little paradise is framed by the lovely ocean view and the energy of the stones. It is familiar, romantic, cosy and peaceful! You can feel the smell of the gardens, relax in the swimming pool, enjoy wonderful sunsets, discover our agricultural land with fruit trees, vegetables and aromatic herbs. We think green, so we apply in Calhau Grande some ecologic measures to contribute for a better environment. Calhau Grande has also a strategic position to discover Levadas and walks, to enjoy the mountain and sea activities and to know the most recognized points of interest of the island. Our family will be your hosts and is available for any help.

How can I contact Calhau Grande?

To get in contact with us, you can fill any form in our website or simple send an email directly to Our mobile phone number is also available: +351 925 66 99 33.

Is there WIFI available?

Yes, we have WIFI network in all areas and it is completely free. You can log-in by the swimming pool area and inside the cottages.

When can I use the swimming pool?

The swimming pool is open all year round and you can use it when you wish. Calhau Grande is a family run eco-tourism unit and we will not enforce rules that could simply not be applied to our own family. Only for safety reasons, swimming at night is not permitted. The swimming pool is not heated.

Why is there no air-conditioning at Calhau Grande guesthouses?

In Madeira, we take advantage of mild and very pleasant temperatures during all seasons: it is never too hot or neither too cold. Environment friendly, the cottages have traditional thick stone walls and modern double-glazing, which allows to maintain very comfortable temperatures inside. The interior spaces are fresh on hottest summer days and cosy in the winter. This way, there is no need to use air conditioning, minimizing the negative impact on the surrounding nature.

Does Calhau Grande offer car parking facilities?

Yes! We have an exterior car parking outside Calhau Grande, with 5 parking spots. It is located on the way up to our property (+/- 50m away from the main gate) on a typical Madeiran steep road. If you are not comfortable driving up, you may also park on the main road: there are free public parking places (+/- 100m away from our gate). Our 2 bigger family cottages (Calhau and Sapateiro) have 1 exterior parking place reserved inside our property.

Can I smoke in Calhau Grande?

Smoking is only permitted outdoor areas. Calhau Grande has a strict non-smoking policy within all inside areas.

Are children welcome at Calhau Grande?

Yes, of course! Children of any age are welcome!

Can I invite visitors to Calhau Grande?

We will be happy to receive your visitors in Calhau Grande. You should inform Calhau Grande in advance about their presence and they always need to be accompanied by you. Also, in normal conditions, visitors are not allowed to stay in your cottage overnight in order to fulfil the capacity policy of each room. However, if there is availability at the time, we will be pleased to receive the visitors in another cottage.

Is there a laundry service available?

Calhau Grande doesn't offer laundry services. We only take care of washing linen and towels that are available in each cottage. The change of bath towels takes place every 3/4 days or upon request. Close to the swimming pool area, there is a washing tank with clean water, soap and clothespins. You can hand wash some of your clothes and leave then drying outside.

Is there a restaurant?

Calhau Grande doesn't have restaurant facilities. The cottages are equipped with kitchenette where our guests can prepare their own meals. You can find some good local restaurants in the surrounding areas, with great variety of regional dishes and wines. Inside Calhau Grande, we provide a selection of season vegetables and fruits, produced by local farmers to enable guests to prepare delicious and natural local meals.

Is breakfast included in my stay?

Calhau Grande is a self-catering accommodation. As we have no restaurant and the houses have well equipped kitchenettes, breakfast is not included.

Location and directions

Where is Calhau Grande located?

Calhau Grande is located on the Western area of Madeira Island, in Arco da Calheta, the sunniest part of the island.

What weather can I expect?

In Calhau Grande, it looks like Spring all year round! We take advantage of surprisingly balmy weather. In Summer, the temperatures range from 24ºC to 27ºC, and in the Winter from 17ºC to 20ºC.

How can I get to Calhau Grande from the airport and how long does it take?

You can easily get to Calhau Grande by car, taxi or bus. We highly recommend you to rent a car for the route Airport -> Calhau Grande. The airport is about 45km away from Calhau Grande and you can expect to take about 45 min to take this route. Please check more details and instructions on our website, in the “Location” section, or get in contact with us.

What instructions should I follow to arrive easily at Calhau Grande?

We will send you detailed instructions by email. If you don´t receive them, during the reservation process, please tell us. Please note that using GPS is not the best option for arrival. It may indicate difficult and steep roads.

Is it good to rent a car?

Yes, we strongly advise you to rent a car. This way you can explore our islands to its full potential, wherever you want, at any time. Note that our island is a hilly place (mostly mountains). To discover some of the most beautiful and magical places of Madeira, we have to negotiate with steep and tight roads. So, we recommend you to rent a car with more power, but still small, so you can park and pass anywhere!

How far is Calhau Grande from Funchal?

Funchal is 30km away and it takes about 25 to 30 minutes by car.

Are there restaurants nearby?

Yes! Near Calhau Grande, in Arco da Calheta and Loreto, you can find some walking distance options, including a restaurant with typical Madeiran food and a pizzeria (10min walking). In Vila da Calheta, by the ocean level, you will also find some other options (7-10 minutes driving).

Where is the closest supermarket?

The closest supermarket is Amanhecer, located in Loreto, 3 minutes by car from Calhau Grande. It is a local supermarket where you can find not only all you need to spend your holidays, but also some good regional products that you can take to share with your family and friends. There is also a local grocery shop (mini-market) on the neighbourhood, 2 minutes walking, with fruit and vegetables produced by local people.

How far is the ocean?

You can reach the ocean level within 5 minutes by car. Calhau Grande is located 250m high from the ocean level. Walking to the sea it takes about 30 minutes.

How far are the mountains?

You can reach the mountains – Paul da Serra – within 15 minutes by car. There you can enjoy breath-taking natural landscapes, green areas and the fantastic Levada walks.

What are Calhau Grande GPS coordinates?

Our GPS coordinates are:
Lat. 32º 43´ 0.76´´ N
Lon. 17º 9´ 30.87´´ W

About our cottages

What type of accommodation does Calhau Grande provide?

Our cottages in Calhau Grande are self-catering, with equipped kitchenettes and private gardens with ocean view. We have 2 studios (Tenda and Palha), 4 one-bedroom apartments (Sol, Eira, Levada and Junior) and 2 typical two-bedroom family cottages (Calhau and Sapateiro).

Do all the cottages have ocean view?

Yes, this is an important point that characterizes our cottages. Each cottage is located on a different terrace/altitude, providing wide open and panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean.

Why are there some cottages without TV?

Some guests value the fact of not having a TV inside the cottage, in order to be away from the technological world and enjoy every moment of their vacation. To maximize the rural and natural experience, there are some cottages without television. If having access to the TV in the room is important for you, please let us know your wish during the reservation process.

Is there any wheelchair-compatible accommodation?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. Some of our guesthouses are more suitable for guests with special needs, so please let us know about your situation at the booking time.

Are there hair dryers available in the rooms?

We have hairdryers available for guests. You can request one at check-in or letting us know in advance.

Can I request a cottage next to another or on a specific terrace?

At the reservation time, you can tell us your preference. According to the availability calendar, we will try our best to match your desire.

Are bed linen and towels included?


Does Calhau Grande provide housekeeping services?

Yes, we do have cleaning services. All cottages are cleaned prior to the guests' arrival. For bookings with more than 7 nights, there is a storage and cleaning of interior spaces every week. These services are free of charge and included in the room rate per night.

Do all the cottages have en-suite bathrooms?

Yes, all our cottages have en-suite bathrooms facilities.

Are baby cots and baby high chairs available?

Yes. We do have baby cots and baby high chairs. Please contact us and inform us about your needs in advance.

What should I do if I forgot something in my cottage?

Please contact us to expose the situation. The cottage where you stayed will be cleaned after your check-out, so if you forgot your item on the cottage probably it will be found by our housekeeper. If so, we will be in touch with you to arrange the best way to send you the lost item.


How can I book a cottage in Calhau Grande?

You can easily enquire our availability by submitting your request in any form on our website: We will do our very best to answer you shortly with all instructions to complete the reservation.

How long should I book in advance?

You can book a cottage at any time. If you have preference for a specific cottage, you should make the reservation as far in advance as possible.

Are the rates per person or per cottage?

The rates, in euros, are per cottage, but they also depend on the number of guests.

Can I book without credit card?

Yes, it is possible to reserve without credit card. To book a cottage we will ask you a 50% payment by bank transfer. The remaining amount should be paid in cash, at check-in.

How can I be sure that my reservation is properly complete?

Your booking is complete when you receive, by email, our confirmation voucher with all details of your stay in Calhau Grande. If, after completing the deposit by bank transfer, you don’t receive the confirmation voucher, please kindly contact us.

Can I make a group booking in Calhau Grande?

Yes, group bookings can be done. Please kindly contact us and inform us about your group plans.

Can I make a booking on the day of my arrival without made an early contact?

Yes, it is possible if we have cottages available. However, due to our high occupancy rate, we highly recommend you to book in advance.

Is it possible to amend my reservation?

Yes, it is possible, subject to our availability calendar. Please contact us and inform us about your plans before arrival.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, it is possible. If cancellation is informed to Calhau Grande 60+ days to check in, the down payment is refundable or reusable in full. If informed 15+ days to check-in, the down payment is reusable in full. If cancelled up to 15 days to check-in, the down payment is lost. Any reused down payment as credit to a future reservation (without expiry date) is subject to our availability.

How can I extend my stay?

We will be pleased to have you in Calhau Grande. It is always possible to extend your stay, depending on our availability calendar. Please contact us and inform us about your plans.

Check-in / Check-out

When can I Check-in?

Check-in must be done after 2pm. If you wish to check-in earlier please contact us in order to know if it is possible.

What is the latest time I can check-in?

You can check-in at any time on the day of arrival, from 2pm until 8pm. However, we can receive you later. If you need or wish to arrive later please contact us.

Which documents do I need to show at check-in?

Upon check-in, we will ask you for the confirmation voucher and the identification cards/passports of the guests. If you have a remaining value to pay it should be settled by cash or by another bank transfer.

Will be anyone waiting for me?

Yes, of course! Our family will be warmly waiting for you. We will make your check-in, introduce you the cottage and give you the keys.

What happens if I cannot arrive on the first day of my reservation?

Please contact us to inform about your plans. Your reservation may be cancelled if Calhau Grande is not informed.

Can I leave my luggage at Calhau Grande before check-in time?

Yes, you can. We will try to have your cottage ready as soon as possible for you. If the cottage is not ready yet, you can drop the luggage with us.

What is the latest time I can check-out?

Check-out must be done till 10am on the departure day. If you wish to check-out later Please confirm first this situation with us.

What is the earliest time to check-out?

You are able to check-out at any time till 10am on the departure day.

Do I need to clean the cottage before proceeding with check-out?

All cottages are cleaned by us after each check-out. Please don’t worry about it and enjoy your last day of holidays in Calhau Grande!

How long it takes to reach the airport?

The airport is up to 45 minutes by car from Calhau Grande. If you wish to use the public bus or taxi, please confirm the timetables.


Does Calhau Grande accept pets?

Well-behaved dogs/pets can only be accommodated in self-catering cottages, subject to prior agreement. We realize your pet is part of your family and we will try our best to accept it in Calhau Grande. However, for everyone’s safety, pets are not allowed in the common areas. Dogs must be always kept on a leash.

Do I need any special medication to travel to Madeira?

No, it is not necessary. Madeira Island belongs to the European Union and there are no special or extra needs to travel here.

Which is Madeira Islands time zone?

Madeira Island´s time zone is UTC +00:00.

Which is the currency in Madeira Islands?

Madeira Island’s currency is the Euro (EUR).

Is it safe to travel to Madeira?

Fortunately, Madeira Island is a very secure place. You can enjoy your holidays and trust the local people. We will be pleased to help you and our wish is that you have a fantastic time in Madeira Island.

What is the electricity power in Madeira Islands?

On Madeira Islands the standard electric voltage is 230V and the frequency is 50Hz.

Is water tap safe to drink?

Yes, water tap is safe to drink, and it has very good quality.